Wednesday, June 13, 2018

All uphill

I am pretty sure that I am currently in the space of building a website when I always give up. I haven't. I've thought about it, but keep remembering the inspiration I received at the beginning of the semester "It's about the learning not the perfect grade."
I have had some learning. In the past 6 years I have attempted at least a dozen times to get a newsletter sign up to pop up on a website and I finally did it. Either technology has progressed to the point that even a child can create correct html and placement or I'm getting smarter. My bet is on technology and well written tutorials. I have also finally figured out how to get a good load time on a website that is heavy with images. I've worked with Photoshop almost as long as it has been available (don't calculate me age in your head). This creates a false sense of knowledge. Because the homework was light for this week, I decided to take the time I set aside for this course and I went hunting for knowledge. Some of the processes where frustrating like placing my pop up code into my site code, but I found inspiration in President Eyring's quote "If you are on the right path, It will always be uphill." I haven't reached the top by any means but I have landed on a good clearing to catch my breath and plan the rest.

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