Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Morning with 4 animals

The Christmas tree in our house is set up in what in normal houses would be the formal living room, in our house it's my sewing room, I didn't like the idea of brides having to walk through the house, plus it's bigger than any of the other rooms in the house ;)

We always sit in front of it and start passing out gifts. It was very difficult to do that this year, with two new animals in the house. It also didn't help that it was the little one's first Christmas, both less than a year old. Way to much energy. We got through the opening of gifts and then the little one's went to town with the boxes and gift wrap. This kitten and puppy like to eat stuff, I'll be glad when they are done teething.

Then they got to hyper, and the older ones try to tell them to calm down, and they all end up in trouble, there are four bedrooms in this house, they each get sent to one. The Large German Shepherd usually calms down by the simple fact of putting the muzzle on him, it didn't work this time, the little one's were just to crazy.

On our Christmas tree we have an ornament to identify each person/animal in the house, Santana opened his this year, but wanted to keep eating after he took the paper off.

I did a lot of Christmas sewing I've been wanting to show, except some of the gifts haven't been picked up yet. They will be on Friday, so I'll start showing you then.

~ Sonia Barton

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