Monday, December 5, 2011

4 yr old Photographer

My little sister has got her work cut out for her. She has two very strong willed and intelligent kids. I love the fact that they are able to come over and visit when she is next door taking care of mom.

This kid is a character (sorry don't remember who I stole the pic from, let me know and I'll link it):

He has been picking up my camera since he was able to walk. Some of his pics turn out really good:

In other pictures it's just interesting to see the view point of a 4 year old:

Little sis Lexi

My daughters behind.

My husband and his always interesting facial expressions.

A very good composition, I think.

And like I said these kids are intelligent. The memory card ran out of space, so he walks up to me and says "Tia, it's down to 0, I can't take anymore pictures, how do I fix that." I'm sure I could have shown the kid how to make some room, but I can just see me screaming my head off in a future date saying "Who deleted my pictures I hadn't downloaded them yet." So needless to say we have shown him the sequence of buttons that deletes pictures - and I'm really glad it is a sequence because he clearly recognized the trash can icon!

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