Friday, April 30, 2010

The house if Full

This past week has been a whirlwind I think it was so bad that I rubbed off on mother nature - here is the view that was outside my window yesterday:

The tree completely covered the street the big boys had to come take care of it. Darn you can tell my husband was gone for 7 days no one mowed the lawn :-)

Monday I woke up at 4 AM got in the car and drove, and drove and drove some more - picked up my daughter in Vallejo, CA and turned around and drove and drove and drove some more until we got home at 2 AM. Here is the room that used to have 4 desks in it! My daughter is home from college for the summer:

For those of you who read the post a while back about my son just getting up one morning and getting married to some girl we had never met - well here he is. It didn't workout and he's back home. Here is the room that used to be Stephanie's room (it's smaller than the other one):

And here is all his stuff in the middle of my "formal living area" that is my sewing area - I thought I was done with kids so my priorities shifted, and I refuse to shift them back if we don't fit in the family room because it is smaller - then they'll just have to sit on the floor!

And my husband is back:

I think I just figured out why I got into the organizing kick I was on - for the first time in my life it was just me (and my husband but he lets me do whatever I want) and if I organized it there was no one to unorganize it. As you can see from the pictures above those living with me are not into organizing. So I have a dilemma I want the house organized but I recall a lot of arguments, I don't think I want to pay that price. I'm going to have to find a way. How does one turn an unorganized person into an organized one????

I was ok when I only had to follow behind one person - but now there are 3!


flyingbearkim said...

I worked through the lesson several years ago so I didn't think I wanted to do it again. : ], Kim Harrington

flyingbearkim said...
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ModistaModesta said...

Sorry I posted both of your comments then deleted one because I didn't notice they were the same - except for you name.

flyingbearkim said...

Yep, I goofed. I didn't realize the first one had gone through. Such a newbie at the blog thing UGH! Thanks Sonia, Kim


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