Friday, April 23, 2010

Garage Organization

So the week after we moved in I had a 6 day work trip to seattle. When I got back my husband had 80% off the boxes unpacked and put in there perspective place - ie.. the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom, the bathrooms. He did a good job at it since he just basically placed everything in a similar place to where it was before.

The other 20% was my craft stuff and my daughters stuff. My daughters stuff he placed in her room. When she comes home for the summer from college she will be met with a room full of boxes!

We haven't had a garage in the last two places that we've lived, and the last two before that the garage was all mine because there wasn't an extra bedroom in the house for my crafts. So before we moved there was a 'who's garage is it' discussion. We came up with we each get a side and the middle is for my large cutting table.

About 3 weeks after we move in he asks if he could go to Lowe's and spend about $100 on wood so he can build some tables for the garage, I said 'sure only if you organize it'.

As you all know I've been a little busy March and April. I've walked into the garage several times looking for stuff, but I didn't realize until today, when I said to myself 'I'm going to organize my fabric on the shelves I bought", for $10 I might add. That I realized what he had done.

Here is his side of the garage:

The middle has my large cutting table - It's a life saver when I have to cut pattern pieces for a wedding dress with a long train.

And then my side:

I found all the camping stuff (how is this mine?) A large trunk full of the kids school papers, small clothes, and other childhood things I saved. I guess this is mine, I'm the MOM and I saved them. Logical thinking I guess. It might be time to look through it again since they are now 25, 21 and 18!!

I found a couple of unpacked boxes, I guess he got tired and just stopped opening them. In one of them I found paintball guns. With my rotary cutting board at the bottom! (Can you really see me paint balling? well maybe if I was challenged, since I'm way to competitive and scared of nothing!)

Then I found his sandals that he as been looking for since we moved in, he hates wearing shoes, we actually had to go buy him a new pair about a week ago because he just couldn't take it anymore and summer is coming.

I also found luggage, luggage really we own luggage we've never had a vacation that didn't involve packing up all the camping stuff (that's why we have a lot of it) in the back of the truck and pitching a tent on the beach of San Felipe or the outskirts of Lake Hemet. I must have been dreaming when I bought this.

And this is how it now sits, It always gets worse before it gets better. Plus there is no Chocolate in the house and I'll need some serious motivation to finish this!

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