Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Garment Designer Pant Tutorial

A couple months back we created a facebook fan page for Cochenille. You can join us here. .

I posted a question asking what people would like for specials - I have a hard time coming up with them each month, feel free to comment on the subject if you like!!!

I didn't get a 'specials' suggestion - but it was suggested if we could do a Tips/Techniques once a month instead of or in addition to. My next question then became 'What would you like to start with?' and the suggestion came 'Copying Ready-to-wear'.

The thought for the post quickly formulated in my mind, mainly because I answer the Cochenille phone's and know a lot of the common questions - which by the way I have started to write down to include in these monthly Tips/Techniques posts.

I will start with the answer to the most common question 'Do you have Tutorials?' Yes, yes we do. You find the Tutorials in the Tutorials plus folder that is in the Garment Designer program folder on your Hard drive.

For Windows people - you click on My computer then Open the Hard drive (C: drive for most computers) then open the Program files folder then open the Garment Designer folder and there you will find the Tutorials plus folder.

For Mac people - you open the Hard drive then open the Applications Folder then open the Garment Designer folder and there you will find the Tutorials Plus folder.

Garment Designer versions 2.1.3 and below have the Tutorials plus folder:

Garment Designer version 2.5 has no folder, just the Tutorials PDF:

Tutorial number 2 (Pant Tutorial) Method One is a Tutorial that Susan wrote taking you step by step in how to copy a pair of pants you already have. Once you work your way through this tutorial you will be able to copy anything you already own using Garment Designer to create your pattern pieces.

Also most of you also own the Garment Designer lesson book 1, in that one Susan copies a Top, also step by step with fully illustrated instructions.

So the facebook fan group challenge for the month will be to take a garment that we own and replicate it using Garment Designer and what you have learned from the Tutorial.

I'm working my way through a pair of sweat pants that I'm turning into long shorts for summer - I'll write up a blog post, and tell you all what I learned working through the Tutorial and show you my results.

Feel free to join us on Facebook - or the Yahoo Group to tell us how you are doing and show us pictures of your project, and ask any questions that you might have.


FiberGeek said...

I am so glad to see you doing this. It may be just what I need to get some use from Garment Designer. I can't wait to see what you do next.

Maybe I will even finally join Facebook so I can follow you.

Lea-Ann said...

Thanks for showing where to find the links. Look forward to more of these...

ModistaModesta said...

@FiberGeek I'm glad that you like this. Please feel free to post any questions or suggestions on future post subjects that might help you.

Facebook is a growing place you would be amazed at the amount of people you know that are there. I know I was.


ModistaModesta said...

@Lea-Ann We had been wanting to grow the FAQ page on the website - but this is so much better we can write much more about one subject. I'm so glad it was suggested.

Please feel free to offer suggestions, as you see they work as motivators we at least for me.



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