Saturday, January 17, 2009

Santa Rosa Sewing Group

I just realized I forgot to take pictures. Monica that's your job from now on!

We had a great time. Monica made a pink nursing cover with a cool 70's retro flower print on it. Erica made one for her sister out of a cute boy print from the 'cars' movie. Laura borrowed some fabric (she forgot her fabric at home, now she can make two) from Erica it was a really cute doggie print, with some brown in it, so the back piece was brown flannel, and she stitched it with gold thread which matched perfect because there were some yellow elements to the doggie print. Terri had done two at home with her girls, nice blue print material. So she brought one of her other pending projects with her.

We had a great time, lots of girl talk - and with the project being nursing covers, it naturally went in that direction. I never nursed I couldn't it takes way to much time and dedication, I had to work, not that that's an excuse I know some mom's that work and pump. I think it was all the time and dedication that I had a problem with.

Kuddo's to all you breast feeding Mom's!!!

Oh I did realize that 5 women is the max in the Relief Society room, any more and we wouldn't have fit. If you plan on coming on Tuesday - or Next month please tell me so I can set up in a bigger room.


Monica, Josh, and Keegan said...

It's way more fun to be able to chat and sew, by the way i clicked on that picture and my knees look like they belong to a teenage boy.

ModistaModesta said...

Oops I put up the unedited picture I have been using. - But you acted like a teenage boy growing up - that's why your knees are like that :-)


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