Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Years

I was not sick not one day in all of 2008, until yesterday. My head hursts, my nose is stuffed, my tonsiles are swollen, my ears hurt and are ringing, and my nose keeps leaking.

Even then My mom, my self and Stephanie spent the whole day cleaning. My mom believes that everything needs to be clean to ring in the new year. My office hasn't been so uncluttered for months now. I found and organized all me half done projects, I took out the trash from under the sewing table probably for the first time all year, I saw some really old scraps of fabric. The stuff on top of the shreader got shreaded.

And now here I sit trying to figure out where I should start. The sewing stuff, the knitting stuff, the purse stuff, I don't want to pull anything out, then I won't have a floor again. Oh well I guess I'll just sit here and enjoy.

I'm not one to make New Year's Resolutions, but I have always made goals, I don't usually make my goals on New Year's because of the whole fan fair they may not have been thought out correctly.

But today I do want to make a resolution - to join the Ravelry - Machine Knitting groups - KAL 2009 a Garment a month. I really think this will help me with my knitting. I went to storage and pulled out 2 very large plastic containers full of yarn, there's some really nice one's in there, I think I'll pull them all out tomorrow (clutter my floor) and sit and stair with a pencil and paper and see what they want to become.

I also do this with fabric, I used to work at a fabric store and it wasn't the best job for me as I spent all my time sketching, and all my money buying.

As sick as I was - I was still awake at midnight. My mom took a nap.

And Randy, Stephanie, Josh (my little sis Monica's hubby whom she left behind to go visit her friend in AZ - Mom yelled all night about that) and I played StarWar's Monopoly. Josh won he ended up with all the properties - except for Randy's Railroads and Utilities. It was fun.

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Monica, Josh, and Keegan said...

Thanks for taking in my hubby. sorry i missed the cocktail though


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