Monday, December 8, 2008

Where's my Tree????

My daughter has a passion for Christmas, she loves decorating, and going to see lights, absolutely loves the Christmas baking. I on the other hand don't really look forward to it, I enjoy it, I paticipate in it, but I like the quite reflection type situations more.

So every year since she could talk - we have purchase our Tree on Thanksgiving weekend, because that's when the Tree lots open. If they opened sooner she would ask for it sooner.

Life seems to be a bit busier this year, and Thanksgiving weekend came and it went, and there was no tree, or mention of it, on my part. There was plenty of mention of the Tree on her part, which I ignored, Since it's at least a two hour ordeal. She has to look at all of them way more than once. Previous years, she would have me go to different lots.

But last year we found a lot on Washington Blvd. that is a family that drove all the way from Oregon to bring there tree's, It's a family business, they have the biggest most beautiful tree's - we always have to get there smallest tree, which bearly fits in the house. They are a bit on the expensive side but I didn't feel ripped off like I usually do. So when I drove by the lot mid Nov, and noticed the same 5th wheel I was greatful that I wouldn't be driving around in circles this year. Even with that knowledge for some unknown reason I still procrastinated it, not sure why. In my defense I really have been busy.

So we picked up the Tree Friday night, She pulls out her boxes, and lays everything out, pickes a color, as she has many sets, blue, with blue lights, gold with multi-colored lights, red with red lights, Well for some reason she decided to put them all up. But I think the tree is to big, or we need more ornaments, we only have keepsake ornaments, or handmade ornaments, maybe I should go get some generic one's - not sure about that yet, as all the one's we have - you can pick up and say something about them. There are at least 8 with pictures of Stephanie, of all different ages.

She then puts in the Movie The Grinch who stole Christmas - Jim Carrey and she goes to town. I make her hot chocolate and stay out of her way. She has literally been doing this since she was at least 5. With less and less help progressively as neither, Randy, Michael nor I know what we are doing.

Well the tree is up, now for the outside lights, - Oh my!

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