Thursday, December 18, 2008

Review Knitting goals.

So I started this blog on Jan. 27, 08 with some knitting goals "This year I want to finish at least 2 sweaters by hand and learn to Machine Knit."

Well I didn't accomplish that - but what I did learn in the process of reaching that goal was a lot of stuff about yarn, I had no clue I needed to know. I comes in all shapes and sizes.

I also learned and practiced how to increase and decrease, I had some practice swatches that I can't find right now.

I also pulled out the knitting Machines and started working on them. I made a skirt.

I also learned what the stitch dial and the tension dial on the knitting machines are for. My daughter and I knit lots, and lots of scarves playing with yarn of different sizes, setting the stitch dial at different numbers, trying to find the perfect number for the tension dial.

We ended up with some nice scarves, that we went and dropped off at a local Assisted living home. We took cookies, sang two songs, Stephanie doesn't think she knows how to sing, so therefore she doesn't like to sing. We talked to a couple of the ladies there, they were very willing to talk. Well there were a few that couldn't hear, and a few that didnt' want to talk so those conversations were short. But very sweat none the less.

I have also learned from reading a lot of knit lists, why knitters combine there craft with service. It is very rewarding.

So I didn't knit my two sweaters for the year, I only have 13 days till the end of the year, I dought very very much that I will be planning and knitting two sweaters in 13 days, so that goal will have to get moved to next year.

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