Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Why I haven't posted.

I haven't posted because everything on this computer has become a real pain to do. The keyboard to the Mac mini died, in the middle of a sentence. I was actually excited at first - I get a cool new keyboard and mouse, so off I go to the apple store and buy a new keyboard and mouse. I get them home and check the system requirements, which I should have checked at the store, but I didn't. It requires 10.4 - I don't have 10.4 I have 10.3.9. I call apple before I open the packages just in case there is not big difference and it might just work, But no it doesn't and the lady suggests that I not open the packages and return them. So I did.

I drove around all day to every store that sold electronics. The lady at apple said that 'Kensington' keyboards were Mac compatible, I found one at Curcuit city, but it was cordless which wouldn't have been bad, but I don't have bluetooth enabled on the Mac mini, so it wouldn't have worked without additional software.

Then it hit me Wal-Mart, I hate Wal-Mart (that's all I'll say about that). So I went to Wal-Mart and found a $15 keyboard for old technology and it works - except, for some reason it will only work while it is plugged into the computer, and not the USB hub. I took my USB mouse from my Windows computer and plugged it in - again it will only work while plugged into the computer and not the USB hub. And guess what there are only 2 USB ports on the Mac mini, so if I want to print, I have to stand up and unplug the keyboard and plug in the printer, if I need something from my external drive I have to stand up and unplug the keyboard and plug in the external drive.

And when I want to take pictures from the camera, I have to pull them off one at a time, because the mouse needs to be plugged in and of course the camera needs to be plugged in, So that means I don't have a keyboard to hold down the shift key.

- It is at this point that I hate myself for not having my personal windows computer hooked up to the internet, as that is the only other computer that has Adobe Photoshop.

I go thru all this to post a blog, you should see what I've had to go thru to get some work done.

Any hooo... on the 9th I'll be driving to San Diego to pick up a keyboard and mouse for the Mac that will hopefully work from the USB hub - I don't know what I'll do if it doesn't. Other than go crazy.


Joshua said...

so did you get them to work??? the mouse and keyboard that is.

ModistaModesta said...

No - I didn't get the cool new keyboard and mouse to work - I had to return them.

But I was in San Diego last Friday, and made some phone calls to several computer stores, and found a 'macally' keyboard and mouse that had older Operating System requirements, and that keyboard and mouse work fine. No I'm just trying to catch up on all the work I procrastinated because of the frustration.



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