Friday, October 3, 2008

Why aren't you answering your phone??

I tend to keep my problems to myself, but here's my pitty party (Everyone is welcome). I've had what my Mother calls enough trials to last me 3 lifetimes, to bad I don't believe in reincarnation, or my next 2 lives would be so easy.

My husband has had problem with blood clots for a couple of years now. So on Thursday morning I come back from walking the dog, and he's awake not very usual. He sits up and tells me that his leg really hurst and that the blood clot that they had found on Saturday in the ER was getting worse. It's behind his knee so not life threatning but painful.

So at 8 AM I'm at the ER, I finally leave him there around 1 PM and come home to see if I can get some work done. There are several messages on the Cochenille voice mail, "Why aren't you answering your phone?" ok, I start taking down messages, names, and phone numbers, when my Cell phone rings.

It's my 17 year old daughter, her first words "I crashed the car, what do I do?" Well if you are ok, are you ok? Yes!! Oh Thank God!. You get out of the road, and if it looks like you can't drive the car you call the police get a report, have them call a tow truck and I'll come get you.

"Mom the oil and the Anti-Freezer are all over the floor" Well that car isn't going anywhere, call the police - then call me back, I'm on my way.

I finally got all the sorted and on my way home got home around 3:30pm and my husband calls and says "They are sending me home with a referral to a Cardio Vascual Surgeon" Ok I'll be right there to pick you up.

So I'm very sorry to all of those that called Cochenille and didn't get an answer. There was just no way I was able to answer phones yesterday. I'm back in the office now, and have gotten a hold of everyone that left a message, Thank you all for your understanding. If you didn't leave a message please call back - we are back to business hours (I hope).

That was my pitty party, Thank you all for joining me!

Edit - We just found out that the car has been totaled - in other words it will cost Farmers less to pay us blue book value that it will to fix it. So we had to drive to wonderful Idyllwild to empty out the car, and turn in keys and pink slip. Now to find a new car. That was the best car we've ever had, it gave us almost 35 miles to the gallon. Yah like I'm going to find now aday's something to replace that - cheap!

Such is life.. Carry on!

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