Saturday, October 4, 2008

It takes a Village.

The old saying of "It takes a Village to raise a child" Has been true for Stephanie since she was born. I was living at home with Mom when she was born, so she called my mom "Ama" because that is what Beto, Roy and Monica called her. Then I moved to San Diego my brother Rigo was already there in his last year at SDSU, I left Stephanie with my mom for about a year. After everything was settled and I was working and in school (persuing a Fashion Degree) I moved her to San Diego. It was Randy, Stephanie and myself, and My brother Rigo, for about a year. Between the three of us, someone always had to be home.

For Stephanie her definition of Family is a large one. Even though I only had one child. She has been raised by all around her. We are trully grateful for Family.

So it is no surprise that Stephanie wants to be a traveler When she receives pictures like these from Rigo:

Amsterdam Canal:

Giza Egypt:


Murano Italy:

The Netherlands:

Love you, little brother - (I'm the oldest of five - it goes. Me (Sonia), Rigo, Beto, Roy and Monica)

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