Friday, August 1, 2008

Finally August

This summer has gone by so slow. It doesn't help that it's 100 plus outside, so we're all stuck inside. Is there such thing as Summer cabin fever, because I'm so there.

My family is away this weekend - so I decided I was going to knit myself something. I had been playing with the LK 150 and knit a few swatches. One of the yarns was really nice. So all last week I was trying to decide if I should knit a T-shirt style top, or a skirt.

I decided on the skirt. I went into Garment Designer brougt up my sloper and figured if I can knit a swatch I can knit a rectangle and add some elastic.

I entered my gauge from my test swatch and printed out the pattern, that is what I call Way easy.

So I went to the machine, I casted on, and started knitting - it kept getting stuck. I didn't get stuck when I did the swatch but know that I had 126 stitches on there it felt like I was pushing 50 pounds of bricks across the needle bed.

So it's seem to be the Machine Knitters Moto "Did you check the sponge bar?" So I check the sponge bar, and it looks like if I remove it it's going to fall apart. So I went online and did a search and I should have one in the mail soon. So no knitting for now. I guess I'll have to sew something.

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