Thursday, August 21, 2008

I knit a garment!

I finally knit my first garment. I received the sponge bar for the LK-150 in the mail and replaced it. It no longer felt like I was pushing 50 pound bricks. It was great. So I cast on my 126 stitches, and proceeded to do my 150 rows. And then on row 97 all my stitches come of the needles as I'm pulling the carriage back. I tried my hardest to get them back on the needles with the little hook thing, but I just couldn't. So I took the knitting off the machine, and wondered what I was going to do. Here is a picture of my kitty helping me block my first piece - I wasn't sure I could use.

After a day (actually it came to me at night) I realized I could knit 4 pieces the same size and the sew them together two pieces will make a front, and two pieces will make a back, then sew the side seams and I have a skirt.

And that is exactly what I did and you can't even tell the my skirt is made of 4 pieces. Now I have to go shopping for a nice top to go with it.

Oh in case you were wondering - While on the KMaholics knit list I found out why my knitting came off the machine, I pulled the carriage to far past the last knitting needle, that creates slack and then - guess what - Your stitches fall off.

Somebody should really write a Knitting Handbook for dummies! with all this kind of information in it!

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