Saturday, July 12, 2008

More Good Mail - Knitter's Summer 2008

In my quest to learn to knit, I have been challenged with the fact that there are literally a million different fabrics that can be generated, just by using different yarn type, different yarn weight, different needles, different stitch pattern and now with the knitting machine different tension. Needless to say I'm overwelmed trying to learn it all. I have never been one to do something if I can't picture the outcome in my mind. I have a very stron feeling that much of what knitters know is learned by trial and error. That is why they are always in search of the perfect pattern. I've never been a pattern sort of person. The only time I ever followed a sewing pattern was in junior high when I was learning to sew. I think I remember making about three before heading off on my own.

So now I to am on the hunt for the perfect pattern, so in the mail on Wednesday I received "Knitter's" magazine and on the cover is a sweater that is similar to an old sweater I refuse to stop using even though it's been repaired several times. I think I remember buying it back in 1990. Mine doesn't have waves but it does have all the pattern swirl stuff going on and mine is in black and white and tones of grey.

So I think I'm going to order yarn and dive in.

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