Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Website

My brain is an intersting thing, It goes 24/7. I have a notebook and pencil by the side of my bed so I can write down insperations in the middle of the night. I have so many little pieces of paper with product idea's on them, I could fill a shed with them. Oh wait - the shed is already busting at the seams with notebooks.

A year ago when my little sister told me she was moving to the area, I got so excited. Finally someone that knows I'm crazy that I can bounce idea's off of. So I waited till she got settled, then we had a little meeting, and I talked and I talked - pulled out my little pieces of paper - and talked some more.

She was able to help me bring some idea's together - and a partnership was born! So I will start with a few products, PDF patters - the first one was inspired by her and her baby - a Nursing cover. Then I've been sewing some bags for a while and now I plan to bring them together into a collection. Then the one thing that I've been doing since I graduated from school, Modest Bridal gowns and Eveningwear. But because starting and producing a line of Wedding gowns has been dificult. I decided to see if there is a market for purchased wedding gows that I will rework and make them modest. I'm hoping that way most of the work is done and I can do a lot more of them. There were many more idea's in my head but those are the one's we chose to start with.

Company Name: Modest Eve


Our first product: Nursing Cover

and We plan to sell on a really cool site called Etsy.

Feel free to post any suggestions or comments. Or even product idea's you may want, it's all a work in progress.

Thank you

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