Thursday, July 12, 2018


The law of consecration has always been of interest to me. The thought of being taken care and taking care of others as brothers and sisters in Christ brings a feeling of peace to my heart. I have been blessed with many opportunities to experience it in a small degree. I have either had to live with other families for a time or have had families live in my home for a time. Everyone working together to live the best we can at the time. The natural man does eventually creep in and it becomes time to move on. But just because we can't seem to manage to level to the full extent of the law does not excuse of from being required to do all that we can for the poor and the needy.
There were a few thoughts that stood out to me while I listed to the talk from Elder Gay Entrepreneurship and Consecration. "An Entrepreneur uses adversity as a path to accomplishment ...they break with traditional patterns of thoughts and deeds to create new beginnings." Throughout this course it has been ingrained in us that the entrepreneurial journey is not an easy one and Elder Gay agrees. "Just because the world does not factor in the power and mind of heaven into business does not mean it does not matter....Successful pioneers are only inward focused as well as outward driven...Our aim must be to do his will..." 
Virtue and integrity are vital in business without it we see the deterioration of world markets. "...organization serves its own interests when it protects the overzealous from themselves." The business should exist to serve a need and provide for as many as possible. The time and talents of individuals should be valued as much as the money from investors. A business should develop a culture of community and service. 

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