Wednesday, July 18, 2018


It is great to have the amount of tools that are out there to be able to monitor what happens on your site so that you can make informed decisions on changes to the site. Woorank is amazing. And I only tried the free information. It helps you decide where to focus your efforts on enhancing your site. Their site also has lots of great actionable content. Useful information that you can implement to increase the search ability of your site. Part of the ranking process is getting people to link back to your site. This shows google that you have something that people are willing to share and talk about. However, getting these link backs is a difficult task. It requires a plan and a strategy just like an other aspect of your business. Another great tool to see what is happening on your site is Google Analytics. We had used it earlier in the semester but working with the program more in depth really shows it capabilities.

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