Wednesday, July 4, 2018

words not just words

As authors of content we try to express our own voice. As we develop that voice it might evolve with different characteristics but as we write content that will need to be search by a web browser in order to be found we need to keep SEO in mind. Moz has put together a great guideline and detailed example of how best to do that. A few of the key concepts that I knew that I need to change immediatly on my website were first: Keyword- Targeted content. Things as simple as having the keyword in the URL and having the keyword in the first words of the title element. Second: add unique value (this may be a duh) but in the world where everything has already been done at least a couple of times, you need to really think about the unique value you give to the subject. One of the sentences reads "Searchers who visit would be unlikely to go "back" from the page to choose a different result." To keep that in mind, did I provide my visitor with exactly what they were looking for to the point that they stopped looking. Implementing these and many more suggestions that were given in this article will bring my content to a new level.

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