Thursday, May 5, 2011

Newton's Spring Fling

This past weekend was Newton's Spring Fling, and I got to go! Susan wasn't able to teach the 3 days she normally teaches at this function, so I taught a Garment Designer class and a Measurement class. I enjoyed teaching something other than sewing. It is different than teaching sewing, it's more fast paced, and the students have more questions, which makes it a lot more interactive. In my sewing classes I demonstrate a step and they go sew it.

I was also able to sit in on a few classes. I loved Charlene Schafer's (from the Knit Knack Shop) - Pockets class:

The way the classes are set up you are able to get up close and personal with the demonstrator and really see and learn techniques. In just two classes I know tons more about my knitting machine's than I knew before I got there! My poor brain was on Over Time with the teaching and the Learning it didn't know if it was coming or going.

They also had a fashion show of customers Garments. There was a lot of garments, blankets, accessories and even a doll, here are a few:

The Kids stole the show:

But these were my favorites, I want to learn to knit like this:

You'll want to click on that and see a large picture! I had a great time and I'm sure I'll be back even if I don't have to teach. 


CK said...

OH! My goodness! What a neat opportunity! I love that green/purple knit!!!

PS Sonya, I have sent in the final copy of the storyboard for the Haiti book and it is still with Stephanie Victor for translation. I should get it back soon so that we can make the final changes/tweaks and I anticipate that it will be all ready to print by the last week of May. Thanks for being patient with me ;)


Wendys Hat said...

How fun! I love fashion shows and have fond memories of being in them every year. I used to make all my clothes and we had a church show every Spring that I would be in.


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