Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lack of Posts...

Well, I think I got spring fever and then never recovered. All the life stuff going on didn't help either. For the last couple of months it has felt like my body was falling apart, as it turns out it's just Menopause!

You hear the word, you don't associate good things with it, But the reality of it is a horror flick. I've never really had bad menstrual symptoms, but lately I have turned into Dr. Jeckal and Mr. Hyde. The biggest problem is that it isn't constant, like a week before your period or durning. I was actually thinking that maybe I had 'caught' my husbands bi-polar disorder. Great now there are two crazies in the house.

Then there is the anxiety, really just out of the blue, you feel like your whole world is crumbling around you, because you can't find your keys, or something dumb like that. To the point that you have your daughter drive you to the ER because you think you are having a heart attack. Really I sat in the ER for hours for a Doctor to tell me I was having and anxiety attack. Nice, I really am crazy!

The worst part of all this has been the return of my Migraines. I had Migraines as a teen and Young Adult. The massive head pain, the nausea and sensitivity to light is horrible all you can do is hide some times for days. The one thing that had not happened to me before with a Migraine is the right side of my face feeling all tingly. So naturally at that point I thought I was having a Stroke. Another trip to the ER, and several hours later, a Doctor telling me the Cat Scan was normal. Really, really feeling like a true nut job at that point.

Over 15 years ago, I was so glad that I had learned to control my stress and anxiety to the point that I didn't have to take medication for the anxiety and the Migraines. Now here I sit with more pill bottles than my husband, wondering how the heck do women get through this thing called Menopause???

If you know the answer or even a simple suggestion for any of the symptoms, feel free to drop me a note! I seem to have woken up from my initial shock of my mind and body betraying me, so I should be back to my goal of at least 10 post a month!


rita jean said...

oh, I'm sorry you've been having migraines....they can be just plain evil! I hope they get better!

Sonia Barton said...

@Rita Jean

Thank you, I'm hoping I can learn to control them again, while going through life changes.


CK said...

Woah! This sounds like no fun! Totally Stinks! Sorry to throw in the confusion about the sewing group into all of this. Bad timing. Feel better Sonia!!!


Sonia Barton said...

@CK - No Worries that one was easy - Just stood up in Relief Society and said we are rescheduling the service project but everyone can still come sew, just bring your own project or choose from any patters I've brought in the past. It worked out just fine.

Thank you,



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