Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Large Doll House by Randy Barton


Showing off my husbands work today.

My husband has been working on a doll house for some time now. It was going to be for my niece Lexi, but there was an accident and the house fell off of a table and the shingles he had made for it were damaged. My husband being the extremist that he is, said it was trash and he was going to start over.

Barbie doll house pattern now available click here to visit the blog post with more info.

This is what he was going to put in the trash:

I made a deal with him - 'Take the shingles off - fix it - sell it for the amount of money you need to buy new wood to start another one, and I won't scream!' He sold it to a guy that drove by and said he had three daughter. He estimated he needs $100 worth of wood, so that's what he sold it for.

It has a front porch.

An attic window.

3 stories with stairs and staircases.

A toilet with a flush lever and toilet seat and cover. A towel rack (in a bad location but that's a man for you) and a toilet paper roll holder WITH toilet paper.

A bathtub, with shower curtain rod (not sure where you would buy the shower curtain lol) and knobs and faucet.

And a sink.

The wife of the gentleman asked him not to paint it (but he had already done the bathroom) She and her mom are going to paint it for the girls. They are coming to pick it up today and he's nervous. So nervous he cleaned my side of the garage:

Everything is up on shelves, some of you might remember my Garage Organization post from almost a year ago, well it just now got done!


CraftyMummy said...

What an amazing doll house!! so gorgeous

kasthurirajam said...



Tammy said...

Oh my! I cannot even believe he would throw out that house! It is totally amazing!

Sonia Barton said...

@CraftyMummy - Thank you, I passed along the compliment - to validate that I wasn't wrong.

Sonia Barton said...

@Kasthurirajam - Thank you. Your girls look so cute in there matching Skirts and tops.

Sonia Barton said...

@Tammy - The mind of a Crazy Perfectionist. He is well into the 2nd one and it's coming along good. The best thing is it keeps him busy in the Garage and out of my hair :-)

Shairbearg said...

What a gorgeous doll house!!

Sonia Barton said...

@Shair - Thank you, the comments really motivate him to keep working, the only problem with that is that he forgets to make dinner lol

Jenn Erickson said...

Wow Sonia, you two are quite the talented pair! That is positively the best doll house ever!!!!

Thank you so much for sharing it on "A Little Birdie Told Me..." Tuesday! I've featured it at this week's party!


Sonia Barton said...

@Jenn - Oh wow, he's going to be stoked! Thank you.

CK said...

Oh my goodness, these doll houses are JUST AMAZING!!! I didn't realize how big they were until I saw him standing next to it~!

Cin said...

Oh wow! What a dream doll house! That's my childhood dream.
So detail, fantastic!


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