Thursday, March 3, 2011

Little Things...

Time seems to be escaping me lately. I get up I start my morning routine, 3 mornings a week I go to School, 5 days a week I work, 1 night a week I have an evening class. My Friday's and Saturdays have been taken up with homework. Tomorrow I am going to find a weekly calendar with hours on it, and schedule in some sewing, some knitting and more importantly some blogging (reading and writing).

For today I will focus on the little things that I have enjoyed this week.

Here's Marley the new kitten, she's very active and growing!

Here's the little construction worker that comes over a couple of days, not as often as he used to now that he is in day care and Karate!

And the Lexi Girl - you ask her what her name is and she says 'Lexi Girl!' She's small enough to fit behind my monitor, I did explain that she should not do that, after I took some pictures of course (talk about a confused child).

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