Saturday, March 5, 2011

Prep for Photo shoot

So a while back I decided I needed a header for my blog and some images of my sister and I for our Etsy shop. So I scheduled a photo shoot with a friend.

There is nothing like the thought of someone coming into your house to take pictures for you to notice things that you don't normally notice.

Like my poor dress form, I've had here for ever - her legs even fell off and now I just set her on top of a stool. Which is actually the perfect height for her. She's also more stable with four legs, especially when I put the heavy wedding gowns on her. I've been saying to my self since the day I got her that I would make a velvet cover for her and never did.

Guess what I did before the shoot!

In my large room (I wish it was a Great Room) resides my husbands Large, Antique Secretary Desk. (that he picked up, cleaned up and made like new - it was horrible)  This is what it looked like when my friend arrived.

This is all the stuff I hid inside:

And then My buttons finally made it into a Jar! (They were lost for a while)

The shelf above my desk look's like this. Sorry there was no way I was taking a before picture of that.

I put my sister wedding dress I made some time ago on the dress form (that now has velvet!) we took picture with that. We then to some picture of my pattern drafting, on my lifted up dinner table (that is only used for dinner when people come over) other than that it is always on bed risers that lift it to a good cutting table height. I should have pictures soon, I'm so excited!

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Jenn Erickson said...

Sonia, WOW!!!! Your blog looks absolutely incredible!!!! Love your banner!



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