Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Life Drawing week 2

To all around me, I'm afraid of nothing. Well there is one thing I am afraid of: Failure. It can really keep a person from moving forward.

I'm failing quite miserably at this class, and I knew I would when I started it. But that doesn't make the frustration any easier to deal with. Well enough gripe.

Our homework assignment for the 2nd week was to take a picture and duplicate it as close to the actual picture, and then to draw the same picture upside down. Here is my attempt at the homework, I'm really hoping these are going to get better with practice.

Last weeks class I overcame the 'I want to quit' mental block twice actually. When we start class we start with quick exercises of Gesture drawing it's described as "You should draw, not what the thing looks like, not even what it is, but what it is doing. Feel how the figure lifts or droops - pushes forward here - pulls back there...." So I feel like I'm going along doing well, right? Wrong!

I do this:

and the teacher asks the model to put her robe on for a minute and she stands there and says "some of you aren't understanding, you need to draw what you feel the model is doing, if you are drawing a bunch of circles for all parts of the body, you are not feeling the difference between the weight on her feet or the lift of her arms."

Man, 2 by 4 to the side of the head. Ok Ok I can work through this.

The model goes back up and we are to start a 25 minute drawing, and I start this:

The teacher walks up and taps me on the shoulder "That is to small there is no way you can develop that into a 25 minute study." BAM 2 by 4 to the other side of the head and teeth grit together so tight my head started to hurt, Almost stood up and walked out. So after about 2 minutes of fighting with my self with pencil to the paper and my inability to make it move, I finally started on this:

My true frustration with this class is that there is no instruction, which on day one she said she didn't believe that is how we would learn, "if I teach you how to put down a line in this shape and this manner, all I am teaching you to do is to copy what I draw" was her statement and at the time I thought I understood it, But this is getting frustrating. Yet I haven't quit and will not quit!

Shape's study

Contour studies


CK said...

Sonia, these pictures are beautiful. It may not feel like you are getting any better but the images you are making give you great practice with art that can be applied to other mediums. You are a seamstress, right? Studying the body, where the body moves, how shadows fall, where muscles sit- all of that will help you in sewing the perfect dress/shirt/jacket/hat/whatever for your clients. You might not achieve the picture-perfect idea of what you want in this class, but I think your art is great! And you are a FABULOUS seamstress! Fo-SURE!

Making It Work Mom said...

sounds like it is a bad teacher not a bad class. Stick with it! I can't believe you can actually draw like that says the person who can barely put pencil to paper!

Unknown said...

Thank you ladies. encouragement really helps.


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