Saturday, January 22, 2011

SBE Newsletter

I love the 3rd week of the month, That's when I get a Scrapbook newsletter with free layouts. When I first started doing Digital Scrapbook pages, I didn't understand them. Until my first SBE Newsletter. Downloading the freebies from that newsletter explained a lot. There are some Designers that only give you a jpg image layout and you use the selection tool delete the background where you want to put the picture and then you drop it in behind the layout.

And then there are some great Designers - that give you a folder, with each individual image in png. Oh I love those folders. That is were you can be creative in the design process. Take some from here put some there and type in some text, and really make it your own.

Needless to say I've just pulled out a large box of pictures to scan, and make pages. I just hope the printing options aren't going to get expensive.


Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape said...

that turned out so cute, what a little princess, she's not going to be left behind without a train, how smart of her to make her own train, lol. She's so cute.

PatriciaD said...

Hey girl, I love your page...very nicely done. I have a free template on my site right now, have you checked it out? so be sure to come and grab it for yourself and add some great family photos. When you're done I'd love to see your page so be sure to let me know...Have a GREAT week!!


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