Monday, January 24, 2011

Easy Tutu

I dread working with tule. I have avoided making tutu's for over 20 years, I made one for my daughter a long time back, I procrastinated it for so long she never asked me to make another one again. She did ask me to buy a few, which I did.

Lexi turns 2 and I wanted to make her something cute for her Birthday. The little purse I made for her 8 months ago is just to small. So I made her this one:

And my daughter being the Tutu loving person that she is. Said "She needs a matching Tutu." I did not want to make a Tutu, I hate the idea of working with a cylinder of tule gathering it into elastic, it just don't sound like fun.

After a couple of days of thinking I came up with this. I'll gather the Tule onto the same Ribbon I used and she can tie it on, Then I don't have to deal with gathering tons of fabric into a tiny cylinder.

So I cut a piece of ribbon 2 times larger than her waist measurement. (Note: if the waist is so small that doubling the measurement only give you 9 inches extra on each side, cut the ribbon longer - 9 inches doesn't make a big enough bow for a tie)

I used two pins to mark the waist measurement in the middle on the ribbon.

I cut 4 pieces of Tule that were 3 times her waist measurement long and 6 inches tall. I sewed a gathering stitch along the top of all the layers of tule.

I gathered the Tule to the correct size and pinned it in place.

I then sewed 2 rows of stitching to attach the Tule to the ribbon.

I clipped all my threads and tied a bow.

Sewing flat Tule is tons easier than sewing Tule in cylinders. My daughter wishes I would have come up with this when she was little, she wanted more Tutu's. Oh well, wisdom only comes with Age!


Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape said...

that turned out cute Sonia. It looks pretty easy too. I really have to use my sewing machine more often. I'll keep coming over for inspiration, you do such awesome work.

Tracy said...

Very cute!! I may have to try this.......I made one of those no-sew tutus and it turned out awful!

CK said...

Great design! Thank you!


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