Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gift from God

I know that my sewing skills are a Gift from God. All of my paid sewing work has always been wedding dresses for an LDS Temple wedding.

When someone comes to me for a custom dress, we go over what she likes and doesn't like, pull pictures of what she had in mind and so on. When she leaves I sit and meditate with the images and thoughts (more like a very long prayer with no beginning or end). I always have to set a time limit for this, because as we know our timeline is not the Lords timeline. One of the reasons why I know my Gift is from God.

I then go about with life. At some point it all comes together in my mind and I attempt to illustrate it, fashion it, fabric source it and Cost it out. All before the appointment I have set. Luckily the Holly Ghost does know my next appointment date. If it gets to be 3 days or so before the appointment and I still haven't been able to put it together. I have to stop and think 'Why, What in my life is not allowing me to receive inspiration?' Another reason I know my Gift is from God, My Design inspiration seems to be Devine Inspiration.

Then the pattern drafting and the sewing of the Garment. The process started in my head so the knowledge of how to draft the pattern piece and sew the garment also has to come from my head. In school I learned basic pattern drafting and sewing skills, skirts, pants, dress so on... But the pattern pieces that I've come up with to put some of these dresses together I didn't see while I was in school. Oddly I have seen them in some of the old patterns and pattern books (why, because they dressed more modestly bad then.) Some of the construction techniques I've used to make a dress look like a Fashionable Modern Gown yet make it Modest, aren't anything I've learned in school or in a book. Most of the time they wouldn't work in any other sewing situation.

So in other words when I'm working on a Gown my Soul is involved in the whole process. This past week I did something that was exhausting to my Soul. They brought me a wedding dress to modify on Thursday and I deliver it last night at 10:30 pm. So they could get it cleaned and ready for the wedding this Saturday.

I have been communing with the Spirit for 6 days, My Soul is exhausted. This imperfect body isn't ready for so much Glory!

And like always - I've done a Sonia - the wedding dress went out the door and I didn't take a picture! Luckily I'm invited to the wedding and I can take a picture then.

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