Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November Sewing Group

I am amazed at myself. I had the sewing group on the 2nd Tuesday of the month instead of the 4th Tuesday and I was actually prepared, and had a full house.

Now I want a bigger house! 2 Ladies did my shoulder bag pattern. Two ladies did my Apron and Placemat Pattern, One did the Apron pattern for a 4T - and because I had drafted the Apron pattern in Garment Designer I was able to open it up choose a size 4T instead of Misses 12 and in less than 3 minutes print out a small pattern, Voila Great Tools make you a magician. And My sister made a Gathered skirt with waistband, pattern not yet finished.

My photographer (my daughter) went to bed before we had finished projects, but you can tell we all had fun.

And I realized I want a bigger house with a really really big GreatRoom so I can host more than 6! Or I can just do this more often.

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Jennifer said...

That looks like so much fun! I am not a huge sewer - but I have made a number of halloween cosutmes in my day (mostly because they don't need to be perfect!). I also made all my kids a quilt - again, not perfect but made with love.


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