Monday, November 1, 2010

Day of the Dead Wood Mask

We went to a Day of the Dead Event at the Palm Springs Art Museum on Saturday. They had quite a bit of crafts the children could do (I'm a child at heart - that counts). One of the projects was a Day of the Dead wood mask. They gave you a Wood Mask they had pre-cut and put on a stick, they stick was actually one of those wood sticks you get for free when you buy paint - I thought that was an ingenious Sponsor contribution, since they probably used about 500 or so of them. Here's a template if you wish to make one:

Then they handed you a paper plate with a dab of lots of colors of paint, and you would go to the table and paint your mask.

Well I'm not a painter - so I brought my mask home and this is what I did to mine. I brought home some tissue that they were giving away to make flowers, I had some colorful fabric I had bought to make something for Day of the Dead (and never did) and then my trusty Mod Podge.

I put a layer of Mod Podge on the skull and then put two layers of the Yellow tissue paper. I then cut out some orange teeth and put those down.
Then I made a tissue twist grouping (was trying to make it look like a flower, it almost made it) on one side.
To make those you tear off small squares of tissue put them on the eraser end of a pencil.
Twist them nice and tight.
Then hold on to the tissue and stamp it in the Mod Podge.
And then stamp it down where you want to glue it.

I then cut some of the graphics from my fabric mostly the flowers and Mod Podged the small pieces of fabric down. I forgot to take a picture of the finished project before I took it all over to my mom in the Hospital. So here is a picture of the small grouping I set up on my mom's nightstand.

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CK said...

These turned out absolutely wonderfully! I love em!!!! Very original ;)

Margaret Almon said...

How cool! I haven't thought about those tissue paper flowers in years--I loved wrapping the paper around the pencil and dipping it into glue! Texture is so much fun.

Modista Modesta said...

Thank you CK.

Mod Podge Amy said...

This is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing.


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