Friday, October 1, 2010

Yay, September is over!!

Wow, it has been a month. It started with a bang a literal bang, one of the tire's blew on the truck. I knew they needed replacing I just have been running into money emergencies all summer, so hadn't prioritized it. I replaced the one but still need 3 more, I think I'm going to have to destash some craft stuff for a fund raiser ;-) I know I have way more than I need.

I posted about the 4 day retreat in San Diego - It was fun to meet some wonderful ladies, but when you never leave your house and you leave for 4 days you don't realize how much stuff can pile up. I have finally finished the laundry - well I shouldn't say finished, it is washed and out of the dryer into laundry baskets, and my family has been taking there cloth straight out of there to wear them.

If it came in with a bang, it went out with a grind - also literal! My daughter has been trying to figure out her Financial Aid (she enrolled at the local community college YAY!!) but had to drive 30 miles away to an IRS office for a form on her way back, she couldn't put the truck in gear, any gear. Luckily my husband was with her, so the pushed the truck into a parking lot. My husband made a few calls and by evening has 3 wonderful men and my brother helping trying to figure out what was wrong, still don't know what's wrong but they managed to tow it home.

Those are just a few of my stories for the month. The bright side is this wonderful little girl that runs away from her mom to come and visit me as often as she can escape. I started photographing her outfits, because I recall a few nice outfits that my daughter wore that there aren't any pictures of, and I just wish I had taken more photo's. Don't get me wrong my sister takes lots, but these are mine!

Lexi fashion show:

Here she's wearing a tiered knit ruffle skirt with pink ribbon bows, knit blouse with puff sleeves,  some comfortably stylish pink and white striped converses, in a naturally down swept to one side hair do!

Here she is wearing an ethnic embroidered to small dress as a cute top (if you read my blog this is the one I put a small zipper in the back so she could get in it), a pair of denim jean shorts, some cute white shoes with velcro closures in a one pig tail hair do with a cute blue bow (her moma made her)! Don't forget to notice her two black eyes, my big mean cat attacked her, but she forgives easily she still walks around the house behind the cat saying 'kitty, kitty, kitty'.

Here she is wearing a cute tiered ruffled skirt in an ethnic inspired print, a beautiful knit top with a knit flower and sash on the left shoulder, some bright shoes with top stitching for accent, in a two piggy hair do - you can't see but was to cute!

You can see part of her do here, I'll give you one guess who in this house put's there writing utensils in there mouth when there not using them???

A cute shot of her two pony tail hair do! Here she is in some short shorts in a nice pink with top stitching accents, with a knit top with matching pink butterflies, and again those wonderfully crafted and sporty pink and white striped converses! Only small marks left of her black eyes.

This is what brightens my day (So Monica stop trapping her in the house, yes, yes, I know she needs to nap, Love you) I must add - that I miss my Keegan! He's now in School.

Oh by the way - we did have September sewing group we sewed a knit skirt very simple - once you figure out how to pattern draft with negative ease - I still don't have the measurement to negative ease ration down correctly! There are no pictures because that day I was definitely a chicken with my head cut off - That was the day the Truck broke down.

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