Thursday, October 21, 2010

Easy Felt Trick or Treat Bucket Tutorial

I've written my first guest post for a very wonderful Blogger Jenn over at Rook No 17, I love the way she describes herself "CREATIVE DABBLER, LOWBROW JUNKIE AND HIGHBROW HITCHHIKER. Both punk and preppie, sweet and spicy, and irresistibly drawn to shiny, glittery objects. MAKER OF THE CUTE AND THE YUMMY, & PATRON OF THE ODD & OFFBEAT; ERSTWHILE CAKE SCULPTOR AND CHOCOLATIER. ....." There's more head on over there and take a look.

She made the process of learning how to guest post easy, So if you would like my Tutorial and pattern for an Easy to sew Felt Trick or Treat Bucket you'll need to go visit her and download it from her blog. I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself while your over there she has lots of wonderful posts and chocolate!


CK said...

Awesome! Way to go Sonia!
I loved the tutorial!

StarFireBoutique said...

Very Cool Sonia. I'm still in awe with your sewing talent. I thought of you the other day. You had once commented that anyone (even me) could learn to sew. I did manage to repair one of my sons fav. Stuffed puppy's. Maybe next time a button. LOL. Baby steps!!

Unknown said...

@StarFireBoutique - I bet your son was so happy you fixed his puppy. Now that's motivation to continue sewing.


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