Thursday, January 28, 2010

Organize to boxes - easy!

My organization project was made really easy for me, by the fact that I have to put everything in boxes.

I've been cleaning and purging. I have a good pile of stuff to sell or get rid of. If there is enough I'll have a yard sale, if there isn't I'm thinking of trying a virtual yard sale - either blog or website. I have a few friends that have a blog specifically for garage sale type items - it's kinda cool.

When I started my organization project I started looking for idea's and I came across a flicker group (spun off from Etsy) of pictures of Studio's. There were lots of cool idea's.

But I like this one:

She labeled it as an ikea wall unit. I think I want 2 one for all the beading stuff like she did in the picture, and one for all the scrapbooking stuff. Then everything is in one place and you can open it up and you are ready to work - no pulling stuff on the the table getting all set up - doing your project - and then having to put everything away again!

I love the idea. Lets see if I implement it after the move!

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