Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Organize-Before Pics

A couple of months after we moved into this place - it was looking like we were going to have to move again. First because my Son got married and moved out - he had been giving me some money not a lot but still some. When things are already tight you get worried about loosing a couple hundred bucks. He's been gone 3 months now and I'm still above water, so it looks like we'll be able to stay. Then my mother woke up and was paralyzed from the waist down. We had no idea what had happened. She lived in her home for about a month - and luckily four of her five children all live in the same town so we took turns coming in and out of her home to care for her.

She was hospitalized 2 months ago - they think some kind of virus attacked her spine. They gave her medication and she has regained some movement from the knee's down. She is determined to walk again and I know she will. She comes home today, to her house she has been in a Rehabilitation center for the past 4 weeks and they have taught her how to care for herself. So it looks like I won't have to move back in with her. Which is good because she didn't want me to anyways - The dog, the Cat and my Husband drive her crazy!

So this MONTH I'm going to finish Organizing:

This is my Fabric it came out from under the stairs when Michael moved out and made it's way into his room!

This is the buffet table in the dinning room packed with currently finished projects:

This is one side with Scrapbooking stuff: needless to say I haven't put a page together since I moved here.

This is the other side with beading stuff: Haven't done any of that either.

This is the landing on the way up to the office:

This is the office: no room under any of the counters or desks:

I did manage to organize the yarn before life decided to kick my butt:

But the knitting machines are somewhere in there: under the stairs.

So in order to have someone to account to I'm posting it here - I'm going to Organize, Because I don't have to move. And if I do have to move well the move will probably go a lot smoother!

And this is the dog looking at me like I'm crazy! If anyone has some extra shelves feel free to send them my way!


YarnKrazi said...

I am sooo glad I'm not alone with organizing reorganizing my knitting/craft space ! I have another blog, at where I began to talk about my reorganzing efforts; However my old digital broke. Now that I got a Canon SLR Rebel for Xmas and now will commence updating my efforts. Write back!

Laura said...

Sonia, I don't have any shelves, but I just wanted to tell you that I feel your pain. My house looks like yours. Maybe we should find a few more people like us and start "The Biggest Organizer" club (like The Biggest Loser.) We could even compete and post our videos on YouTube and become famous :)


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