Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Years 2010

2009 was a very strange year, and not just for me. It seems that everyone I spoke to throughout the year had major stuff going on in there life.

I really wasn't ready for this entire Holiday Season - Starting with Thanksgiving, or plans changed 3 different times because of all the family going in and out of the hospital. I would really like to keep the whole hospital stuff in 2009. It looks like my mom will be out of the Hospital on Wednesday. I am so grateful that everyone came out of '09 all in one piece, and the pieces that aren't currently working well look like they will recover. It didn't look like they would for all three of them at the beginning of each ordeal. My mom's legs, My daughter's knee's and my Husbands brain. I truly Thank God that everything was semi-normal at the end of 2009.

The best thing is that the look into 2010 isn't looking so bad. A lot of adjusting to all the stuff that happened in 2009 - the biggest thing for me is that my son Michael (25 years old) ran off and got married. Overnight, and without us. He is living nearby with his wife. I'm still not sure how I feel about that. Well actually I know how I feel about it - but I would really hate to say something that I would need to take back some day. So until my emotions are in check, I'll try my best to keep quite!

Which is probably why there haven't been much blog posts, lots of time at the hospitals and stuff going on in life that I would rather not talk about.

So our Christmas picture was looking empty - So I decided to include the dog - that was really hard to do - I have some really funny pictures - but I'll only post the end result of several hours of posing and even that one is actually 3 pictures brought together in Photoshop!

I hope you all have a Happy New Year! Thanks for all the support!


N. Maria said...

You are one remarkable person.
Happy New Year to you, Sonia, and super well wishes for your family.
Time is a good thing with your son and your new daughter-in-law. They might needs LOTS of love.

ModistaModesta said...

Thank you Maria - Our experiences make us who we are - Yes - Lots of Love is needed, I hope I'm up for the challenge.

Have a Happy New Year!


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