Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Michelle & Roy's Sealing

My little brother was sealed to his Wife and Children in the San Diego temple, They were married in Las Vegas the first time, so My Sister in Law asked me to make her a wedding dress, so they could have 'Wedding Pictures' They came out wonderfully.


Taryn said...

Sonia, Sonia, Sonia, That dress is awesome. So was the prom dress. You are so gosh dang talented.
How was super saturday? It looked like you had a lot of fun things to do. I miss your sewing class. Hope you and your family are doing well!

ModistaModesta said...


We missed you - Super Sat, was ok. Not very well organized because I was in the middle of all three of these dresses, and the Sealing was at 3 PM in San Diego the same day as the Super Sat. But we got thru it.

God has blessed me with a great talent, I'll leave it at that and not point out what could have been done better had I had more time!


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