Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Baseball, baseball and more baseball

Well I have enjoyed my 'nothing to do' in the month of May. I even actually had time to go see my nephew's play baseball. I had stayed away from the fields for a couple of years, because I'm loud, rude and intense! My nephew's became overwhelmed and my Brother's kept asking me to calm down and let the coach - coach them.

I'm so bad that when my child played soccer I wasn't allowed to go, so Dad went he even coached one year, I think they let me go to the last couple of games, with a bunch of rules, of course!

Any whoo- I found something that kept me quite - taking pictures - it also kept me focused on something other than what the kids where or where not doing. I was to busy looking thru the camera view finder to get wrapped up in the game.

Well both Adrain (Roy's son) and Marco (Alberto's Son) played on the same team and my brother Alberto was one of the coach's. They went all the way, they played 2 championship games the first they won, and made an undefeated team loose there title, and the 2nd they lost, which still gave them 2nd place in the league and there little trophy's were to cute.

May 11th, game - They won!

May 15th Game, They won!

May 16th Game - They lost - but are 2nd in the league.


Monica said...

I can't believe I've been going to the games all season and I missed the two the really mattered, GosH! Congrats to Marco and Adrian!

Monica said...

Those are great shots.

ModistaModesta said...

Monica, there is a ton more wonderful pictures, but you can't see them - because your not on Facebook!

Monica said...

oh ha ha I'm really feeling the pressure for facebook, but then who will do the laundry.


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