Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lake Hemet

Well we spent Thursday night and all day Friday by the lake, the boys went fishing (they didn't catch anything), it was still fun. None of us used sun screen so we all turn red. It was cold the first night, so we didn't stay the second night. Plus there were coyotes howling all night, which made the dog bark all night - so I didn't sleep at all, and well that just wasn't relaxing.

I think I need to plan a one nighter more often. Just go veg by the lake!


linda Chartier said...

i want to kiss that baby! LUCKY! Mine are all grown up! I have a grand baby and she is in IL, I am NJ,I purchased that same BUMBO SEAT!
you know there was a recall right?

linda chartier

ModistaModesta said...

Those wonderful babies are my little sisters. My baby will be 18 years old on the 8th and then she is off to Cal Maritime Academy in Vallejo, CA. I'm really lucky to have my nieces and nephew's around.

I'll tell her about the Bumbo Seat - so she can check into it.

Thank you,



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