Friday, March 20, 2009

LA Fabric Trip

I walked into the office this morning and turned on the computer as the computer is booting up the power goes out. Great! I go check the brakers and everything is fine. Then all the people start walking out of there houses to check there brakers and thats when we all looked at each other and realized the power was out on the whole block. I get on my cell and call the power company, and there automated message said if you live between such and such a Tree crew damaged some wire's and the estimated repair time will be 1 PM. Great! Great!

I can't work with out electricity, I don't have a phone (time warner cable phone), I can't run the computers, I can't burn CD's to build product, I can't answer emails, I can't process Credit Cards. I can't do anything.

So my first thought "A Friday off - LA Fabric run!!"

I needed fabric for a wedding dress and a prom dress. I always park near Broadway and 9th (because that's where the LA Mart is! I love that place even if they don't let me in) Then I walk down 9th. I always look and inquire along the way but I always end up at Sal Tex Fabrics:

Corner of 9th, and Wall:

432 E. 9th St - Suite 4, Los Angeles, CA 90015 - 213-623-1447

With my friend Rosa:

She has all the satin, sateen, velvet, lace, embroidered fabric, illusion, netting, and linings in every color I've ever needed and if she doesn't have it - she'll go find it and bring it back to me. She gives me great deals! I won't give you prices but even the first price she gives is a good deal - then I look at her funny and she brings it down, then I look at her funny again and she asks me how much I'll need then she'll bring it down again.

This is what I brought back for the wedding dress:

The beaded french lace was $49.95 at Joann's - My gas there and back plus the price of one yard of Frech lace was $50. - I bought 4 yards of Beaded French lace. So just in that fabric alone it was worth my trip.

This is what I brought back for the Prom dress:

The dupioni silk was $10 a yard.

I'm sure that if I would wander further into the fabric streets I might find stuff a dollar or two cheaper but after 5 years of the same routine everytime I go to make a dress. I'm ok with my prices, and I don't pay any shipping, and I can see what color it actually is!


sewbike4 said...

Sonia: I love making lemonade out of lemons. Good use of your day. The fabrics and prices are amazing. Sewbike4

ModistaModesta said...

Thank you, sewbike4, There was no way I was going to sit around and wait for the lights to come back on. So the timing was perfect.


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