Thursday, March 19, 2009

I made something - I made something

Oh man life has been just way to busy, I haven't had a chance to finish any of the gazillion projects I've started. It's probably because I'm now in a 10 X 12 bedroom instead of a two car garage, man I miss having a garage for an office, I wish I could rent someone's garage, as I'll still be at my Mother's house for a while. Until we get used to figuring out college payment schedules.

But any who I made something! I love bags, any shape any size. What's odd is that I don't use them other than on Sunday. Hum, there's got to be something behind that - but I'll leave that to for the therapist!

Monica did you come up with a name for our bag?

This is what we will be sewing for sewing group on Sat March 21st. 10 AM Indio church building.


StefieAvantGarde said...

I want purple tiger striped one

Monica said...

It looks really cute i'm excited. And congrats on finishing it.


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