Monday, June 23, 2008

The universe is against me.

I woke up on Saturday the 21, with the thought "a free Saturday I think I will knit my first swatch". So I opened a box that said "home twister" and set it up.

As I started to wind some yarn on the machine, I hear a buzzing and then I see the dog, and the buzzing and the barking dog, and the jumping and reaching at the buzzing, and the dogs legs wrapped with yarn, and more buzzing and more barking, until finally he caught it. One chomp and it was dead, three to four snipping of the teeth and it was gone. I imagine it was a large date beetle. We have lots around here.

So here are the after shots, (it would have been so funny if there would have been a video camara, but Not) The yarn is in a ball in the middle, today's Monday and I still haven't dealt with it. The needles on the knitting machine must have caught his fur and taken good chunks, because he bent the kneedles at some point in the struggle.

Lucky me - my sister showed up with her baby and had nothing to do. So I went over to her house to help her sew a nursing cover. Then we hung out, then picked up mom and went to eat mexican food. It was so good. I ignored my little situation all day Sunday and today it's back to work. And the knitting machine well it still sits just as I left it on Sat at 10 AM.

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