Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My trial in Persistance

So I decided to tackle my ball of yarn yesterday. I pulled and carefully spread apart the knots. I laid all my excess on the floor and kept pulling and unknotting. I finally got it all untangled and started to crank the little handle, it was going great I wound up all the slack. I decided that was easy I'll lay down some more slack and wined that up.

The average high around here is between 110 and 115 degree's in June. We set up fans to move around the cold A/C air, it makes it feel a lot cooler. So there is a fan in just about every room. my work room is no exception.

I laid down excess yarn and wound it up about twice or so, And then I get the end of the yarn to close to the back up the fan. It sucks it up so fast I took about half of what I had in my hand before I could react and turn off the fan.

There was no getting around it this time, I was going to have to cut the yarn. So I left it, and went to bed.

I got up this morning determined to get my fan working and wined whatever is left of the yarn. I pulled the fan apart, and started pulling. Pulled as much as I could before I cut. I took me an hour to get all the yarn from around the center of the fan.

But I did it! I then put the fan back together and it works, yay it was an $80 industrial fan. I then wound the remainder of the yarn. Today I'm going to fix the bent needles and I'm going to knit a swatch. I really mean it - I hope I don't get struck by lightning.

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