Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Friday the 13th!

Oh, Yesterday was great. I was home alone. My mom left to Mexicali, BC, Mexico for a couple of days. My husband went camping with the boys, And my daughter went to a graduation party with her friends. So I got a lot done, especially because I only work until noon on Fridays. I do have the computer on all day/night and check Cochenille Tech Support, but that is no biggie.

So because the list Mom on KMaholics asked for a list of what I have to put on there database, I went to storage and brought home all the boxes I was so graciously given. There are 6 knitting machines - Brother Profile 585, Compuknit KH-910, Toyota KS650, Brother KH-890, LH-940 and LK150. The other boxes are labeled STD Gauge Ribber KR-850, Colour Changer KHC820A, Colour KRC-830, and Knitleader KL-116. I am determined to make there previous owners proud.

So I think I have figure out the solution to one of my knitting wow's. Knitting Wow number 1: it took me 4 hours to knit the 10 rows in the previous swatch post. At that rate I'm going to have a sweater by next year, that just isn't going to do. Solution: Set up the knitting machine's already. I love the skinny yarn so it will go much faster.

Knitting wow number 2 doesn't have a solution yet. Knitting wow number 2: find a fast way to learn about yarn, I'm sure there is a book out there, that will list all (or most) yarns tell you what they are good for, suggest proper gauge to get good drape. so on and so forth. Sort of like Sandra Betzina book of fabric, but for Yarn.

I chose to set up the Brother KH-940, but only because that is the only one that I could find the Manual for quickly. Along with all the knitting Machines came lots of yarn, so I have plenty to play with. I got the Machine all set up and was getting ready to follow the directions for a swatch but for the life of my I couldn't find the Cast on Comb. I finally found it in a box with all kinds of other stuff (looked like the comb but with a wire thru the hook)

I cleaned and organized everything, and went to bed around midnight, that is late for me - I love my sleep. And this Morning I woke up to a full house again. Well if I get one alone day a month I might figure this all out before the end of the year.

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hugman95 said...

What an overwhelming feeling - almost like a deer in the headlights. Congrats on starting to sort out the knitting machines. I, personally, like my LK150. Easy to learn on and knits up a plain old stockinette sweater quickly (a day and a half or so). If you want to feel good about your machines and your ability to use them, you might try to make up a quick drop shoulder sweater - just to show yourself you can.



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