Thursday, June 12, 2008

School is done for the year.

My daughters teacher came and picked up her homeschooling homework today. She procrastinated every step of the way. She will be a Senior next year - Yahoo. She didn't stick to the design board that she created at the end of the Fall semester. She designed all new designs to sew, and only finished 3 designs, and one of them was one I sewed for her. She sewed the muslin so I think she worked for the credit to call it her's. She had fun in Garment Designer, she took like fish to water. Young people arent' scared of computers, so she took the sewing skills I taught her the first semester and was able to open a file in Garment Designer and start moving points. I did have her make muslin of all three and there was only one pattern that she had to rework, to get it to where she wanted it. I'm proud of her, even though she says she now knows she doesn't want to be a Fashion Designer. Well at least she figured that out early on in life, and she can now explore all those other things she thinks she wants to be. Marine Biology is her next career goal. So now we make plans for the summer. Considering it will be between 100 and 125 degrees until around September, we are going to have a lot of indoor activites. Yay I can focus on setting up the knitting machines.

I have always been blessed with needed people coming into my life, meaning when I need something the right person shows up in my life to fill that need. In this case I have been blessed with a whole group of people. I found a Yahoo group that has embraced me like an old friend, maybe because there were a couple of old friends there. I had tried several other Machine Knitting groups, and I didn't click. The list mom even though she was out of touch made the whole experience a heart warming one. Thank you all at KMaholics.

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