Friday, August 5, 2011

My experience with Resin...

I have an "I can do that complex" I refuse to buy things I like because I say "I can do that".

Then I set out to learn everything I can about the subject. That is what happened to me when everyone was selling and wearing scrabble tile pendants.

My first attempt was from a Tutorial I bought and it used Diamond Glaze. I didn't like the look of it, and it never got really hard. First blog post Scrabble Tile fever

So I decided to go toxic, I was trying to avoid it. The look and feel of the tiles is so much different with the Resin than with the diamond glaze.

Here is a short video of my process with the tiles (with all my miss haps and warnings):

Here is a wonderful free tutorial that explains the prepping the paper process, and then you can follow what I did in the video with the Resin.

Or you can do tray pendents in the same manner. I found this wonderful Etsy shop, I love the look of the tray.

Since I can't do anything with out fabric. I added a piece of fabric to the tray on the bottom same process as adding the paper, and I placed a few charms in it, then placed it on a fabric strap.

I hope this explains it in a bit more detail - give it a try.

If anyone makes some feel free to come back and leave us a link.

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