Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The last of last weekends work...

This past weekend I didn't stay off the computer, mostly because I discovered whoopdwhoop. Thank you Becca. I'll post more about that tomorrow. Plus I was also asked on Friday night if I could make a dress for some one that was being buried. That was a first for me.

It really was a sweet experience, she brought me one of her mother's dresses. I pulled the size and style of the dress. She brought me the material and some really pretty pink and white lace. I took a picture of the dress but don't really feel comfortable sharing it. I hope everything goes well for them.

So the last two items I made last weekend was a Day of the dead Scripture bag for my daughter (from my Scripture bag pattern:

My daughter is a bit eccentric so I don't think we stopped to 
think if the fabric was Chapel appropriate.

and I started on a shoulder bag that will be going off to Canada for a review and Giveaway. Here is the color way for the flower pin I put on the bags.

I hope your month is off to a good start! What are you working on???


CK said...

Wow, that is a special assignment, indeed, to make that dress.
And I totally laughed reading your comment about the scripture bag, haha.
I'm glad you like whoopdwhoop- I have yet to be on there but my sister likes it.
And the projects I've got going are reupholstering my dining room chairs (still) and working on more Haiti books. That's about all ;)

Sonia Barton said...

Thank you CK, Big projects do seem to consume all your available time and energy. I've been procrastinating some quilts, but I have to do them this weekend or the customer is going to be upset it has taken me so long. It will take me all weekend so next week there will probably only be one post - Hahahaha


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