Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Large Barbie doll house for sale

My husband has finished his first house that he is putting up for sale, the last few he did had owner's before he even started them.

This is the one that is currently for sale:

It is unfinished so that you can paint it the color you would like. Fun painting project for Mother/Daughter or Father/Daughter. It is 53 inches Tall, 49 inches Wide and 34 inches Deep.

It has 3 stories and is built to accommodate Barbie Furniture kits for Living Room, Kitchen/Dining Room on the bottom floor, Barbie Bedroom and Bathroom on the 2nd floor and a Stacie Bunkbed set on the 3rd floor. Or mix and match and move them around. I do suggest buying the furniture sets first so you know what color to paint the corresponding rooms.

It has hand carved details on the door (door doesn't open).

Open windows and small porch.

And hand tooled shingles.

Price: $600 (Credit cards accepted) Shipping or delivery not included. If you would like to come over and see it please call Sonia at 760-289-2263.

Here are images of my Nieces finished house:

Barbie doll house pattern now available click here to visit the blog post with more info.

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