Friday, July 8, 2011

June Sewing Group...Handmade books for Haiti Orphanage

June was a blur to me, so much to do, and no time left over to blog about it. Most of the time I just move on and blog about current things going on, but I didn't want to leave this one in the past.

I make lots of reference to my sewing group, but I don't think I've ever stopped and explained it. I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, as a female member I am a part of the Largest Women's Service Organizations in the world called The Relief Society.

The Relief Society hold meetings on Sunday and also has a few meetings during the month, one of those meetings is the one that I lead The Santa Rosa Ward Relief Society Sewing meeting.

I try to have a new pattern every month that teaches different sewing techniques, for those that have never sewn and those that are advanced sewer's and want to practice their craft.

I was so pleased when I saw CK's post on a project she was putting together to make handmade books to go to an orphanage in Haiti. I really felt this was a project our sewing group could help with.

It was a hit we had ladies that don't sew or care to learn to sew come and participate by cutting the card stock pages for the books.

Everyone loved it so much that those that couldn't attend are asking when we can schedule another one. Soon ladies, soon.

We were able to make 15 books:

If you yourself or a group of you want to help CK she needs to make 50 books to complete a first shipment to the orphanage. Visit her website page with all the information. Handmade for Haiti


Wendys Hat said...

What a fun project! We did some fun projects a few months ago too. I shared them here I like your books.

Sonia Barton said...

Thank you Wendy, I love your Relief Society Birthday decorations. Looks like you guys also had some fun!


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