Monday, September 13, 2010

My Fist Post

This week I will be participating in a Back to Blogging challenge hosted by SITS girls for a chance to win an Electrolux Washer/Dryer set sponsored by Standards of Excellence, Westar Kitchen and Bath and Florida Builder Appliances.

Each day this week there will be a writing prompt, Today's is: The First Post you Ever Wrote.

Here is mine, posted on Jan 27, 2008:

Getting Started

Well, here I go feet first. Last year I taught myself how to knit. I knit two scarves. This year I want to finish at least 2 sweaters by hand and learn to Machine Knit. I may be taking on to much but you can't reach the moon unless you shoot for the stars, and I think I'm aiming for pluto. I figure as long as I can keep my artistic side stimulated, I should be able to keep moving forward. Ravelry is great so much inspiration, I just need to make it a point to set some time and take a peek at least once a day. Creating a blog seems to be a good way to hold myself accountable at least once a week. So off we go on this year's journey.

- I knew absolutely nothing about blogging. And I don't think I was thinking that at some point I would want to grow it - definitely was not thinking to keep track of Analytics nor did I have SEO on my mind (which I still don't fully understand). I started as a simple write a paragraph or two about a goal that was made. I have yet to even start knitting the two sweaters I designed - They are designed the are patterned and swatched but still haven't casted on. I did knit a skirt! And a lot of scarves and purses. It was fun to see some of the old posts.


Christa said...

I think blogging is a great way to hold urself accountable although sometimes it doesn't help like when I'm dieting and I set my goals!

I don't fullly understand SEO either. Wiah I would have went to bloggy boot camp!

Modista Modesta said...

@Christa - yup so goals just don't work no matter how you try to hold yourself accountable.

I wanted to go to Bloggy Boot camp in San Diego, I was planning on it but right now I have other expenses that have a higher priority. I hoping I recover from or financial emergencies before the tickets sell out.

jenny said...

That is a great way to reach your goal! I was in the hospital on bed rest for the last 3 months of pregnancy with my last baby. They taught me how to knit and I tried to knit a scarf. I never quite finished it but I know one end of the scarf was nearly double the size of the other! LOL - let’s just say I did not really catch on.

Modista Modesta said...

@Jenny - I have been around a lot of knitter, and always overheard them counting the number of stitches they had on there needles, so it was something I did instinctively. Now my daughters first scarf was actually misshaped it came in and went out then back in and back out - but it looked like she did it on purpose and wasn't to bad.


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